Salon Contemporary is on the quest to discover the most ground-breaking and ambitious new graduates ready to be thrust into the contemporary art scene as part of a landmark annual event held at the thriving Notting Hill gallery. Best of British’ is an incredibly exciting competition hosted by Salon Contemporary and Friedrich Gräfling. After a renowned panel of judges have reviewed the submissions, the short listed artists will have their work displayed at Salon Contemporary in April 2011, with the chance of national exposure and international opportunities.

We’re calling on artists in their final year of BA or MA within arts institutions to apply - from the visual arts to performance and film! This is not just any London exhibition; “Best of British heralds the arrival of the next generation of precocious, era defining artists.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

One of our previous winners....

Seren Jones A contemporary spin on the classical female portrait - from OBJECT to SUBJECT

Seren is a recent Fine art graduate from Central St Martins and is loved for her female classical portraits that will hold your gaze with much strength and mystery.  These ladies all have their own stories to tell and draw you in to their strange and captivating virtues.

'Probably Mrs Clement Edmoundes (a young Elizabeth) '

 Miss Jones was the winner of 'Best of British' in 2009 and is currently exhibiting works for her debut solo show at Salon Contemporary.  The show has been a SELL OUT!

Seren Jones - Best of British winner

Our previous winners.....

StrangMacfarlane - The fearless duo and their 'distinctively British Work' (Showtime, UCL)


The Artists at Salon Contemporary this Summer

The artists explore and exploit the intricacies of the relationship between viewer and artwork. Their works play on the unwritten etiquette and understandings that govern the gallery and tackle the pre-conceived values the viewer attaches to the art, the artist and one’s self as a conscious body.

'Charmingly obnoxious, with again an intelligent use of spectacle the works were attractive in precisely the same way as the visual branding and marketing the works were irreverently interrogating.' 
Tom Clack on StrangMacfarlane's St. Martins degree show

A bit about 'Best of British' aka BOB

Salon Contemporary is on the search to discover the brightest and best art students ready to be thrust into the international art scene as part of an exciting exhibition opening in April 2011

The gallery will be looking at work submitted by thousands of artists nationwide in their final year of BA/MA education to scope out this years most exciting and original works.  Selected artists will be given the opportunity to really develop their current practice, to work towards a stimulating goal and produce some of their strongest work to be displayed at Salon Contemporary in Spring 2011.  Best of British allows for national exposure before the degree show, experience in preparation, and future opportunities as an artist.
The highly regarded reputation of Salon Contemporary’s past exhibitions displaying new talent has spread worldwide and seen previous year’s artists invited to tour to the White Box Gallery in New York in a show widely described as  ‘a roaring success’. 

This is not just any London show; “Best of British” heralds the arrival of the next generation of precocious, era defining artists.